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We are now offering a pre-cut kit of StarBright9™ material from Elite Screens. StarBright9™(previously DarkStar9™) material from Elite Screens is a significant upgrade over what Stern uses. This screen material is rated for a 170° viewing angle, and 95% ambient light rejection giving you deeper blacks and better picture definition, especially with overhead lights on. Prior to this kit offering the only way to get this material was by ordering many sample sheets from Elite screens then applying adhesive and tracing/cutting them yourself with an Exacto, or similar method. Even then using the sample material you had to cut the ramps into 2 pieces. Our ScreenEffects kit is solid piece for each ramp. All of our ScreenEffects pieces have 3M adhesive pre-installed and ready for a simple peel and stick install.

Many claim this to be the #1 MUST have modification for Stern's Stranger Things Premium or LE pinball machine. Make that projection image pop that extra bit with our ScreenEffects Kit! Playing in a well lit or a darker environment you will still see a noticeable difference.

Be sure to check out the material comparison video created by Medisinyl to get an idea of the amazing difference this material adds. (3rd thumbnail/1st video in this listing)

This SMALL-STUFF-KIT  includes the following 18 pieces:
-8 Standup target (1 spare set for this high wear area)
-8 Drop Targets (1 spare set for this high wear area)
-2 Spinner (keep one as a spare or install front and back)

SMALL-STUFF-KIT - Stranger Things Prem/LE

  • Do not apply wax to these. These are pretty low maintenance, but will require cleaning from time to time just like anything else in the machine. Clean with a soft cloth using mild soap and water only.

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